Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Year

I just realized that one year ago today (technically yesterday by about 3 hours), I finished packing up my fabulous 1 bedroom & den apartment

and moved most of my remaining belongings in to storage, and myself and my cat in to a Motel 6.

Some might consider the fact that I find myself still in a hotel, a year later, proof of failure.  I don't.  The past year has been one of the many roads of my life.  I was meant to travel it.  It has led me through many lessons, frustrations, challenges, etc.  So far, along this road, I have (among other things): made a new friend, learned that I can live comfortably in a much smaller space than I would ever have thought, and acquired a better ability to appreciate the smaller things in life.  I have also learned to be proud of not just typical accomplishments, but also for how I react to what life sends my way and how I get to the other side of each challenge.

I wonder where I will find myself June 8, 2014--both my physical self and my soul...